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The leadership already exists thousand years ago, Research of leadership assumedthat situation showed the important part in the effectiveness leadership. Thats why that tobe effective, leaders should have a different way in the different condition. The nextresearch assumed that a leader was the important part to create the effectiveness for both ofattitude and environment. Early of 1980, leadership perspective aimed to strategicleadership that emphasize to the vision, motivation, and control through the values in theculture that can be adopted. The leaders useful for their organization and also for their
followers. A lot of leaders instead dissolve their organization. In this research, writer wantsto know more about the common basic of political leadership and the strategy and thesuccess keys in the career of political leadership. Writer will visit and do some interviewwith political leadership to find out more information that in line with research topics.Researching will be held on April May 2006. Based on the analysis and explanations, wecan conclude that A responsible political leadership must have a broad horizon he musthave an ambition that is a determination to carry out something to reach the goal. Theimportant thing to develop a successful leadership is the ability to create positive andconducive circumstances in the organization. It will endorse the followers to discover their
potency, improving initiative and creative thing in them, and encourage them to moveforward, consistency, protecting and keeping good name of institution. Key success ofleaders career in politic is the endorsement of elements of responsible political leadershipwhich are inherent with in him. The elements are legitimacy, justice, integrity, visionary,role model, succession, fairness firm attitude in giving reward and punishment to thefollowers.

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