Nanang Nanang, Hendri Tanjung, Ibdalsyah Ibdalsyah


The focus of the problem in this study is the assessment of health assessments by analyzing the performance of managers and managers, the strategy in developing the BMT Swadaya Indigenous in community empowerment cooperation program with PT. Holcim Indonesia, seen from the influence on improving the welfare of Klapanunggal people. The approach used in this research is by searching and collecting data, as well as library study which concerns the theories about micro finance institutions, syari'ah financial services products and others related to BMT Swadaya Indigenous with various existing patterns. Processing and data analysis in this study using qualitative descriptive analysis method to measure the analysis that includes characteristics, behavior and financing system. In this case we use SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Based on the results of data analysis conducted in this study gives the conclusion that corporate social responsibility can give effect to the improvement of people's life welfare. This happens because in the CSR capital participation can minimize the social issues that are warm in the community. CSR contribution in community economic development is to involve all components of society in corporate CSR activities. This has been done by PT. Holcim Indonesia by initiating the establishment of BMT Swadaya Indigenous through fund participation as revolving capital of empowerment to the community has illustrated the success in the implementation of corporate CSR. And based on the results of data analysis and discussion that has been done in the previous chapters, the General Level of Health Performance BMT Swadaya Indigenous included in the category Fair Enough. Based on the research findings BMT SP need to improve efficiency, reserve fund disbursement is more proportional, it takes a policy strategy that is more concerned with local values of the community and the need for participation of all levels of society and expanded so that parties who have never get CSR program the company can feel also corporate CSR activities .


fiqh; islamic finance

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