Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Akhlak Melalui Pembelajaran Tematik pada Sekolah Dasar Sekolah Alam Bogor


As one of the alternatives education, Sekolah Dasar Sekolah Alam Bogor (SDAB) has been practicing the thematic approach in their learning process and offers educational concept based on character values. Therefore, it is necessary to do a through study about the efforts of internalization of values in the thematic approach which has been implemented in SDAB, in order to obtain the concept of internalization of moral values in the thematic education, so that it can be used in the implementation of a thematic education in elementary and Islamic elementary schools. The main objective of this study is to find concept of internalization of moral values through thematic learning in Elementary Schools of SAB and to formulate concept of internalization of moral values through thematic learning. This study is a qualitative research using descriptive method by case study approach. The goal is to obtain valid, in-depth and useful data. The results of this study indicate that: 1) The concept of internalization of moral values at the SDAB is done with a values-based institution that is based on the teachings of Islam which is directed to the formation of character. The values of these institutions must be owned and run by the entire community of SDAB called with the values SALAM. SALAM values are supported by three fundamental pillars of learning, they are the pillars of morality, logic and leadership; 2) In the implementation stage, the internalization of moral values at the Elementary School of SAB is done in order to realizing the achievement of values institutions SALAM. One of the methods that supports the process of internalization of moral values at this school is the usage of a thematic approach to learning. The efforts wich have been done in the internalization of moral values is by the substantive approach, and reflective approach. Therefore, a thematic approach is not only used in intra but also carried out in extra-curricular activities; 3) The process of internalization of moral values through thematic learning should be well planned. Among them that there should be goals, materials, strategies, and certain preconditions to internalize these efforts can be succeed. The pattern of the internalization of moral values through thematic learning that can be applied to Islamic educational institutions is: first, determine the moral values of the institution; second, set the major themes that connect the various learning activities both intra and extra; third, implement procedures of thematic learning in the curriculum, consisting of planning, implementation and evaluation; forth, controll the efforts of internalizing these moral values by considering various methods which have an important role in the process of internalization, such as teaching, modelling, habituation, motivation and enforcement; fifth, implement the moral values in extracurricular activities by using themes that suitable to the vision and mission; sixth, cooperate with stakeholders in building a learning community which degenerate akhlak al-kar?mah, seventh, Reflection. This study therefore show that a thematic approach can be used in an attempt to internalize moral values, along with regular and sustainable pattern of objectives, processes, and evaluations.

Keywords: internalization, akhlak values, natural school, tematik learning.

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