PENGARUH MOTIVASI, KOMUNIKASI, KEPUASAN KERJA DAN DAMPAKNYA TERHADAP KINERJA PEGAWAI (Bagian Kepegawaian, Organisasi Dan Tata Laksana Sekretariat Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Hutan Dan Konservasi Alam Kementerian Kehutanan)

Lia Auliaty Yunus, Dedi Walujadi, Popy Novita Pasaribu


The purpose of this study was intended to find the factors that cause the problem and find alternative solutions , as well as to get a real picture of the circumstances and facts of the influence of motivation , communication , job satisfaction and its impact on officer performance.
Motivation variable partial effect on officer performance by 0.372 (37.2%). Communication variable partial affect the officer performance of 0.607 (60.7%). Work satisfaction variable partial effect on the performance of officer - 0.271 (27.1%). Variable motivation, communication and work satisfaction simultaneously significantly affect officer performance variable of 0.539 or by 53.9% . And the balance of 0.461 or 46.1% is influenced by other variables in addition to these three variables. It became clear that the variables motivation, communication and work satisfaction have an effect on the performance of officer Division of officers, Organization and Secretariat of the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry Bogor.

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