Attaining Business Sustainability by Building the Organization Health Index in Organization Behavior: Case Study in Indonesia Private Clinical Laboratory

Ratih Rachmasari, Badri Munir Sukoco


Indonesian health industry predicted will rapidly develop in the next five years.  Indonesia health spending spending will reach US $ 60.6 billion over the period 2012-2018. PT. X, a company in the health industry, has significant growth and widely spread 18 branches all over Indonesia. Therefore, the business sustainability of PT. X needs to be continuously maintained and improved.  In accordance with the company's vision “became a national referral center clinical laboratory”, keeping a good performance as well as business sustainability, PT. X need to maintain a company performance and health of their organization. A questionnaire referring to nine element McKinsey Organizational Health Index was applied to assess PT.X organization health. The OHI score obtained from the survey shows that PT X is quite healthy due to surpass the threshold of a healthy organization. It is recommended that organizational behaviour improvement refers to market focus basic model; achieving excellent performance for maintaining business sustainability.


Business sustainability ; organizational health ; Organizational Health Index (OHI); clinical laboratory

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