Dinamika Lingkungan Kerja, Pengalaman Kerja, Karakteristik Pekerjaan Dan Kompetensi Manajerial Di Perusahaan Pertambangan Di Indonesia

Anita Maharani, Moch. Zaenal Abidin, Cipto Adi Pringgodigdo, Indra Priyahutama


This study aims to see how the work environment's dynamics, work experience, job characteristics, and managerial competencies affect managerial competence. The literature that this research refers to primarily uses the concept of competence and other concepts relevant to the study's discussion. This research method is through a quantitative approach, data collection through distributing questionnaires to 279 respondents who work in mining companies in Indonesia, and data processing using SPSS concerning the regression value to determine whether the research hypothesis is proven or not. This study indicates that work environment, work experience, and job characteristics affect managerial competence.


Competencies, Managerial, Work, Environment, Experience, Characteristics, Mining

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32832/jm-uika.v12i2.4355

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