Konsep Tashfiyah Dan Tarbiyah dalam Pemikiran Muhammad Nashiruddin Al Albany


  • Firdaus Sanusi Yayasan Mutiara Islam Cileungsi
  • Ibdalsyah Ibdalsyah Universitas Ibn Khaldun Bogor
  • Ahmad Tafsir Universitas Islam Bandung




The Muslims in this era can not be denied is in decreased. Prominent Muslims then trying reviewing the causes of these weaknesses and find solutions to new heights with a variety of Islamic thought and concept. Among them, Imam Albany is a figure who is very famous and influential in offering solutions Muslims slump. He offers the concept of Islamic education are motivated by the foundation tashfiyah and tarbiyah as the solution of the problems of the people. Starting from the above reasons, the authors tried to explore the concept of Islamic education according to Imam Albany to examine the subject matter related to how the concept of tashfiyah and tarbiyah according to Imam Muhammad Al Nashiruddin Albany. And how about a favor, criticized the concept. And what about the influence of Imam Albany concepts in the concept of Islamic education. Tashfiyah as a differentiator in the concept of Islamic education Imam Albany so crucial. Education or tarbiyah without preceded by tashfiyah according to Imam Al Albany does not provide a solution to the people. Lack of Muslims in the eyes of his enemies can not be completed. Tashfiyah is a purification of Islam from other element. Tarbiyah is guidance to generations of Muslims today who are growing on a purified Islam. Concept tashfiyah and tarbiyah was not a new concept and has been championed by previous scholars. Nevertheless, the concepts tashfiyah and tarbiyah Imam Albany still causing the pros and cons. Not a few scholars and leaders at the time supported the concept tashfiyah and tarbiyah Albany. And not a few who oppose both scientifically and in a violent manner. Concept tashfiyah and tarbiyah that conveyed by Imam Albany brings great influence on the concept of education today. Books by him to be the main reference. His thoughts also forwarded by scholars after him. Thus the concept tashfiyah and tarbiyah in this era synonymous with Imam Albany

Keywords: al-Albany, Tashfiyah, Tarbiyah




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